Roofing/ Photovoltaic-system

Roofing / photovoltaic system

The FLASH carport model can be covered with an in-roof or on-roof photovoltaic system.

In-roof photovoltaic system

In the case of the in-roof PV system, the modules also serve as the roof cladding. The modules are visible from below. Translucent bifacial glass modules are used.

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 Translucent means that light shimmers through the roof between the individual
 photovoltaic light shimmers through the roof.

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The incidence of light can be influenced by the number of cells per module.

Standard, 60 Zellen Pro Modul 

Standard, 60 cells per module

Optional mit 48 ZellenOptional with 48 cells

Optional mit 32 Zellen

Optional with 32 cells


  Visualiserung Single Wing, bifaziale Module | Planung, Konzipierung & Statik:© 

    Bifacial modules not only use the direct solar
    solar radiation on the roof, but also the 
    indirect and diffuse light on the back.
    Depending on the incidence of light and the
    radiance of the of the floor covering or the parked
    cars, bifacial modules provide up to 25%                                additional power.


Visualization Single Wing, bifacial modules | Planning, design & statics:©

  Visualiserung Single Wing, bifaziale Module | Planung, Konzipierung & Statik:©Roof edge trims made of galvanized and coated sheet steel, are available in 12 standard colors.

Advantages and disadvantages of the in-roof system compared to the on-roof system


  • aesthetically very appealing roof covering
  • immediately recognizable as a PV system
  • brighter under the roof
  • more yield due to additional power
  • more subsidies due to in-roof system
  • filigree roof edge
  • double lifetime of the modules (glass/glass technology)


  • higher price in the purchase
  • grid dimension of the modules must be taken into account
  • in winter condensation on bottom glass surface possible
  • Depending on the system provider

On-roof PV system

In the case of the on-roof system, the water-bearing roof cladding is a profiled sheet. The modules are screwed onto the profiled sheets with a substructure.





Photovoltaik-AufdachanlagePhotovoltaic on-roof system

Profiled sheet roof

   Profiled sheet roof

    -Slope 2%
    -Galvanized and coated steel sheet on beam support
    -very stable and walkable
    -12 standard colors
    -Bottom side with anti-drip coating
    -location and ridge flashings as termination





Substructure PV modules

When designing the substructure and fastening points, the local
the local conditions regarding wind and snow load are taken into account. 

In most cases, the use the mounting system Speedrail from K2.


For rooftop installation, conventional framed glass/laminate modules from various suppliers can be used.

We prefer Full Black modules which are fixed with black clamps.