Surface treatment

Due to the sophisticated geometry of the supporting structure, practically all wooden parts have constructive weather protection and are hardly exposed to the sun or weathered by rain. 

Water based varnishes

Bild von unserer Malerei in der ProduktionshalleWater-based coatings have become practically indispensable in the wood industry. The water-thinnable system coatings do not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOC). VOCs are largely responsible for the formation of ground-level ozone (summer smog) and have been taxed with an incentive tax since January 1, 2000.

Picture of our painting in the production hall

Opaque shades according to RAL or NCS

In the case of opaque painting of wooden structures (premium thick-layer stain), the color shades can be freely selected according to RAL or NCS color charts. In this color treatment, the wooden structure is provided with intermediate sanding and filling.


Wood varnishes

For color treatment with glaze (base glaze), we offer you a wide selection from our glaze fan. With this color treatment method, the wood structure remains visible.


Greyback varnishes

Water-based, open-pore pre-graying glaze with film preservation. Pre-grayizing glazes are used to make the discoloration of div. softwoods exposed to weathering appear uniform.